Universal Vaporizer Whip Replacement for 18 mm vaporizers
Brand new glass vaporizer whip replacement. Fitting is 18 mm glass joint and is 3 feet long with glass mouthpieces, come with screens,this universal vaporize replacement whip fit most common standalone vaporizers, such as Viva La Vape & Vapor Box...
510 to 510 adapter 1pc
ego 510 to 510 adapter you are buying 1pc only.
USB Charger kit for EGO E-Cigarette.
This is a replacement or spare USB charger for your Joye eGo, eGo-T or eGo-C and eGo-C TWIST e-Cigarette batteries. 420mAh output at 4.2 volts.  It is fully compatible with our 110 VAC to USB wall adapter and our car...
G Leather Case for G-Pen Vaporize
Compact and Discreet Fits G-Pen and USB Charger Secure Latch Leather Bound Metal Rim Exterior  
Sold Out
Silver Spur 1-oz Amber Glass Bottles for Essential Oils with Glass Eye Dropper - Pack of 6
Great for storing essential oils Amber colored glass maintains liquids sensitive to degradation from light Glass Dropper included with every bottle Amber glass bottles provide a very professional display and are perfect for storing materials which are sensitive to degradation...
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