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Bong SMoking quiting Tips

11 Jun 2023

Bongs are considered to be less harmful than other smoking substances as carcinogens are filtered while passing through water. But this is just a word of mouth, as all smoking agents are hazardous for health. Bongs are water pipes, burnt cannabis is filtered in water and you see water turning dusty black. The smoke rises from pipe and reaches to your mouth, throat, windpipe and ultimately towards lungs. The major component, which is harmful in either way, is smoke, the pressurized smoke reaching your lungs destroy the small alveolar sacs (air sacs). This leads to many complexities, some are discussed below;

Why is it important to quit smoking bongs?

Though bongs are considered less harmful, yet they cannot be added in the category of safe products. Following are some of the reasons that will let you know why smoking marijuana or cannabis through bongs is not so healthy and should be quitted with immediate effect. Or else, this may lead to more problems including cancer and death also.

·         Smoking addiction

Bongs emerged as modern form of smoking carcinogens and are really liked by young generation, they use it and feel as if it is a new fashion. Thus, they become addict to it and smoke bongs daily without knowing that they are damaging their own health.

·         Lung Cancer

Carcinogens present in bongs are taken in, though their effect is nullified due to filtration with water. But some particles can still escape this filtration process and enter your mouth and air passage ways. Frequent use of bongs can affect your respiratory system and may become a leading cause of lung cancer.

·         Emphysema

The pressurized smoke entering your lungs affects the small alveolar sacs, that form the respiratory surface in humans. Smoke results in the breakdown of these sacs, thus increasing the lung capacity and decreasing the lung volume.

·         Tuberculosis

Tar and smoke entering your lungs may cause tuberculosis. Even  if you share your bong pipe with someone else, it is simply a gesture of sharing disease.

·         Harmful chemicals from plastic bongs

When cannabis is burnt in plastic bong, it also melts and releases toxic chemicals, which enter your body with the smoke and can damage your lungs, resulting in vomiting accompanied with blood and constant coughing.

·         Altered mental capacities

Minute quantities of narcotics are not harmful if they are taken once in a while. But frequent  use can affect your brain function and some functional hormones.

·         Behavioral change

Cannabis addiction may disturb your normal functioning in life.  Sudden mood swings, anxiety, anger issues, relationship and financial problems are commonly found in an addict’s life.

All the effects mentioned above will give you an idea of why smoking bongs isn’t good and need to be quitted as soon as possible in order to avoid any further issue.

Smoking bongs is not a productive activity as it does no good to your health and may aggravate your drug demand. Furthermore, spending money on such unhealthy and unproductive things is mere waste of money, which should be avoided.

Youngsters are engaging in these activities considering these a part of modern day fashion and are unaware of the side effects. Healthy brain is present in a healthy body, so, to adopt a healthy lifestyle, you should quit smoking, whether it is a bong, bubbler, vape, cigarette or any other product. Quitting may not be easy, but the following tips can help in getting rid of unhealthy habits.

What can be the helpful measures to quit smoking bongs quickly?

Once you make up your mind to quit smoking bongs, there should be no way back. Take following measures to come back to a healthy life immediately without using any medication;

·         Strong decision making

When you hear about the negative impacts of smoking, you feel a triggering urge to stop it anyways. There are 2 ways of doing so, it varies from person to person, depending upon their choices or habits:

  1. Quit smoking right away, without the thoughts of procrastinating and never look back to it. Many people make excuses that the option of smoking for one last time should be given, but actually, it does not help in coming back.
  2. Take some time, low the daily smoking dose to once a week and then to once a month, in this way you can have a control over your addiction.



·         Get rid of your bongs

Second step after perfect determination should be to remove all smoking stuff from your approachable place. All the bongs and cannabis supply should be thrown away, so that there is no turning back.


·         Visit a rehabilitation center

Drug rehabilitation centers are available everywhere and render their services to help drug addicts in their recovery. It is not an easy job in other cases but in the case of bong smokers, it is not much difficult, as bongs are not as disastrous as other drugs. These centers have highly cooperative staff and provide a friendly environment to the sufferers. They ask you about your habits and provide you a recommendation about a healthy life style.

·         Change your company

If you have a group of friends who are smokers, ask them to leave this habit with you. Most of the times, it is not easy to do this, then the only option left is to change your company and make good friends with healthy and dynamic habits.

·         Use a medicinal alternative for specific condition

Sometimes, when addicts leave the drugs, they may develop some sickness and it is natural and varies in different cases. What actually happens is that their nervous systems become immune to particular drugs and the function of normal hormone is depressed as in the case of narcotics. Suddenly, when you quit that drug, nervous and hormonal functions become disturbed and you feel sick. In such conditions, you need to consult your doctor. A doctor may choose one of the two following ways;                                                                                                                                                              

  1. To continue the smoking habit with low weekly dosage, along with a particular medicine so that you can quit smoking slowly.
  2. High power medicine containing some narcotics, same as your bong and soon lowering the medicine power and dose.


·         Work on your personality yourself

If you are not going to step forward for yourself, no one else is going to do it for you. Spare some time, figure out your weaknesses and then think of quitting drugs or smoking. It is not a one day activity, you may fail after your first or second or even after several attempts but don’t stop and keep going. Take following measures and move step by step;

  1. Lower your smoking dose.
  2. Whenever you feel a craving for smoking bongs, have some juice or any other item you like.
  3. Give yourself some time and don’t consume yourself over it.
  4. Jot down your starting and targeted quitting dates.
  5. Note down your daily and weekly consumption of cannabis (through bong) and work on it.
  6. Change your habits, divert your mind and try to do something productive
  7. Eat healthy and follow a proper sleep schedule.
  8. Go for a walk regularly in fresh air, this will help your lungs in speedy recovery.

·         Arrange recreational, non-smoking events

Instead of smoking in the night parties, visit healthy and enjoyable places with your friends. The natural beauty will enlighten your soul and your body will feel light and pleasant.

·         Try sharing your stuff with your partner

Mostly people smoke cannabis due to society pressure or depression. You need to share your gossips and problems with your close friends or partner, their words may console and heal you. Their advice may help you in your recovery, above all, a true support is all what you need to get rid of your addictive habits.

·         Set aims

Set high aims in your life and put your efforts in achieving that aim. High goals require more efforts and time. This does not allow you to waste your time, money or mental capacities by smoking. Setting high goals do not allow turning back to unhealthy life style and you will become more persistent in your efforts to quit smoking bongs and acquire a hygienic life style.


The tips that are given above, may prove very helpful in getting rid of your smoking habits. You are advised to do your best in this regard. If you fail, it isn’t a big deal, just try to tackle your problems in your own productive way. Search about the effects of smoking from a small level to the worst case, as smoking bongs is a less dangerous level and it may be a gateway towards other harmful drugs.

But if you find it difficult, share it with your friends and they will help you in finding a way out. In the worst scenario, contact the counseling center, the staff will deal with you in the right way. All you need is to remain calm and patient as everything takes time to heal.

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