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The difference between Smoking a bubbler and a bong

11 Jun 2023

As you fall in love with smokes and cannabis, you will always want to take and adventure and explore other ways of enjoy your smoke. The good news is that manufacturers and technology are aware of this fact and so, they will not disappoint you. You are sure to always get more fun ways of enjoying your smoking and making more out of your experience. However, most of the smoking instruments are not new to the world. They are only redesigned or you have not just come across it because as you travel around, you will find out that what you think is new to your space is actually an old fashion to some people.

There has always been this confusion in understanding the basic difference between a bubbler and a bong. Well, we can simply say that since the two saves the same purpose and does that effectively, there is no much difference between them. But for the purpose of this article, we will run a little breakdown on what a bubbler is and what a bong is, then we go ahead to list their uses and benefits and the we can talk about their differences.

What is a bubbler?

This question won’t come from someone who has being a smoker for long or loves to smoke the “pipe”. The question is basically for introduction for people for are new to the pipe. Secondly, you may have been using a bubbler before but do not know what the actual name is because some people do call it a bong.

Yes, this is so because a bubbler is typically a smaller version of a bong. Bubbler is a smoking device which has a water chamber, mouthpiece and bowl (rush). Most of the parts of a bubbler are fixed and this may be the reason many smokers like the device as you do not run the risk of misplacing of its parts. Bubblers are very portable and handy that you can take it to almost anywhere without some inconvenience based on the size.

How to use a bubbler

Smoking with a bubbler is basically the same procedure you take while smoking with a bong or dabbing a dab rig. You need to have your substance handy and load, light and smoke. However, here is a quick breakdown on how to use a bubbler.

  1. Fill the chamber: you need water in the water chamber of the bubble to help filter the smoke and if you could add a cube, you will get more cooling effect as enjoy your smoke. Fill the bubbler with water is the first thing to do once your get your bubbler ready for use.
  2. Load in your substance: most the substances are kush and other cannabis extracts. After you have add water to the water chamber, then you will need to fill in the rush otherwise known as bowl with the cannabis but you must make sure you fill only what the bowl can carry to avoid wasting some precious cannabis.
  3. Light and inhale: once you have gotten enough into your bowl, you can now light the cannabis and inhale as the some fill in the chamber through the mouth piece. Be sure to inhale only the much you can have at a time and you may want to exhale within some moment as they are no proven benefit of holding the smoke for so long in your lungs. If you cannot clear all the smoke in the chamber at a go, then you can do it bit by bit and get the same result. You basically smoke a bubbler the way you smoke a bong.
  4. Clean the bubbler after use: when you are done with the bubbler, you need to clean the chamber and bowl. This will help the device last longer because when you leave accumulated dirt from the smoke in the bubbler, it will turn into stain and may eventually damage the bubbler.

Benefits of a bubbler

  1. Portability: one of the biggest advantages a bubbler has over other dices like the dab rig and bong is its size. Bubble is smaller than a bong and so you can easily travel with it. Also, its portable feature makes it fashionable which is one of the reason people like going for it.
  2. Easy to use: because a bubbler has just a few parts and some of its parts like the mouthpiece is usually fixed to the whole body, bubblers are easy to use even for a beginner. You just need to know how to fill in your water, load your bud and then light and inhale and that is basically how to use a bubbler.
  3. Serve dual purpose: a bubbler could be used as a bong and also as a dry pipe. This means it can serve two purposes which you hardly get from other device. With this feature, you are not only saving yourself the stress of getting a dry pipe, you are also saving some money and enjoy the liberty of enjoying both a bubbler and a dry pipe in one device.


Differences between a bubbler and a bong

It will not be every easy draft difference from a bubbler and a bong because they are also the same with regards to the job they do which is – giving users a great smoking experience. However, we will work through the thin line to get you some of the differences between the two but before then, let’s take a quick look at what a bong is and its similarity with a bubbler.

A bong is a smoking device just like a bubbler. The only difference is that a bong is bigger than a bubbler in size and has more components than a bubbler. Bongs parts include: a downstem, a bowl, a chamber and a mouthpiece.

Basically, a bong is used to make a smoke accumulation and to enjoy a clean hit. When you use your bong properly, it is almost impossible to inhales some particles when you take a hit. Some have said that it is the best way to enjoy your cannabis.

With is being said, here are some of the difference between a bubbler and a bong: 

  1. Size: one of the obvious differences between the two is the size. Bubbler is smaller than bong and so, it has smaller water chamber and downstem. Nevertheless, the small size of the bubbler is one the reason it is loved by many smokers. Its small size makes it handy and easy to ove around with. But you will always have to keep in mind that you get more smoke accumulation in a bong than you get from a bubbler.
  2. Durability: it is believed by many that a bubble is made with a stronger material than that of a bong especially the glass bubbler. Because the strength of its classy it is said that a bubbler is more durable that a bong. However, you do not need to handle them carelessly (trying to smash booth to the ground) to prove this point.
  3. Easy to use: a bubbler is less complex with less parts and components than a bong and this is why it is easier to use. A beginner with little tutor could use the bubbler nicely but a beginner might need more lesson to really understand exactly how to set up a bong and taking a hit.
  4. Shape: many bubblers are built with the hammer shape so they can hold firm on a flat surface and some other are not built in that fashion. Bongs of the other have are built like a pot with its parts like the mouth piece and bowl on top of the pot. With that structure, a bong has a balance almost in every flat sureface.
  5. Maintenance:cleaning up a bong after use may take a longer time than when you are cleaning a bubble but trust me, smoker love taking their time to keep the device clean. Most times, the carefulness given to a bong is way different than one give to a bubbler. Though bubble may seem easy to maintain, people actually go for a bong and do all to keep it in a good shape always.
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