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Do you think weed is overrated?

11 Jun 2023

Weed is vastly overrated as a recreational drug. People who have to get high recreationally usually have shallow, unfulfilling lives who generally get high to mask their problems instead of dealing with them head on. They usually live in a constant state of denial, denying that they have personal life problems they don’t want to deal with, much how like alcoholics deny they have an alcohol problem. Legalizing weed has brought nothing but degeneration into the communities that have legalized it.

Take some of the big progressive cities like LA and SanFran. People are basically smoking and shooting up in front of cops who do nothing about. Their cities are turning into disgusting hellholes, full of human feces and used needles littering the city sidewalks, along with an uncontrollable homeless population that continues to grow.

There is a reason El Paso banned it in 1914 when it took over their town during the Mexican Revolution as fleeing migrants brought it with them during the early 1900’s.

Prior to smokeable weed entering the US (again, early 1900’s from Mexican Migrants fleeing their war), it was popular only in Latin America and India (or for pacifying slaves), and neither of those parts of the world are known for really anything at all. They have never been great, and probably never will be great. They are lazy culturally, which is exactly what weed creates.

also sometime i think they are not  overrated, on the contrary, I actually think its so damn underrated. What drug helps that girl with schizophrenia or that kid with seizures and is still illegal; WEED. Now tell me what that is if not a seriously underrated drug…plus you can't freaking overdose on weed or clutch the toilet all night or still have a hangover after a whole night of ingesting

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