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Explain how to use vaporizer

11 Jun 2023

With the increasing popularity and acceptance of cannabis worldwide, more amazing ways of enjoying it and its extracts are being developed every time. Vaporizer is another breathtaking instrument for taking your cannabis. Although it has been around for a while, its usefulness cannot be over emphasized.

Vaping is considered a much healthier type of smoking than the traditional cigarette; you really do not have to light it up before you could inhale because it usually comes with a battery which does the heating. Vaping is a common name for every smoker because it gives a more convenience way of smoking. If you are new to the “smoking world”, vaporizer will still be a familiar name to you; you many only be concerned about how to use one.

Well, if using a vaporizer is part of the reason you are here, then you do not have to anywhere else because we will work you through steps and explain to you everything you need to know about vaporizers, its components and how to use them.

How vaporize work

If you are new to this instrument, after you must have understood what a vaporizer is, the next question your likely to ask is how does it work? You will be intrigued to understand its functionality and possibly try it out. The fact is that the answer to your question is quite simple. You only need to know the basics of a vaporizer and then it works like every other smoking or dabbing instruments like the bong and the dab rig.

Vaping is simply the act of inhaling vapor from a little device (which usually looks like a USB) which you have loaded with your E-juice. And this is how it works.

  1. Charged Battery: vaporizers makes use of batteries this is how it heats up your substance and makes the vapor ready for your inhaling. Ever before vaping, charge up the battery to avoid getting disappoint in the middle of it all.
  2. Load in your substance: the vaporizer has an atomizer which contains the wick that carries your e-juice. Load up the wick with your desired substance (usually in liquid for but a well grinded dry weed can also go) and your preferred flavor. Once you have successfully load in your substance and replaced the wick into the atomizer, then you are ready for the show.
  3. Take a hit: once you are all set, all that is remaining is just to press the button. The vaporizer has a button that you press when you are all ready for vaping. This button to the battery and the coil. When you press the button, the battery heats up the coil which in turn heat your e-juice in the atomizer to produce a vapor for you to inhale. At this stage, you need to be careful not to get your fingers burnt by not over heating the coil. You should know that the coil is electronically charged and so, it heat up real quick. Also, it is best to load your substance when the vaporizer has not been heated because you may lose some precious vapor if you are load an already heated vaporizer.

These are just the basics of vaporizing but before we forget, let’s talk about some of the components of the vaporizer as we have mentioned above. We have the battery, the coil, the atomizer or the tank and the wick.

Battery:to make a hit, every vaporizer needs a battery. The use of battery is part of the magic of a vaporizer. This way, you do not need to carry a lighter about or look for a source to light your smoke. All you have to do is to push the button and you are all set. It is the battery that produces the spark which heats the coil. The battery is rechargeable so you don’t need to worry about what to do when your battery is dead. It is best to always keep your battery charged, that way you won’t miss out on any exciting moment of vaping. Some batteries are removable and replaceable but it is not so for some others especially vaporizer which just for one time use. The one - time - use vaporizer has a price range of $20 to $60.

The coil: this is responsible for producing the heat. Once the battery sends the spark, it charges up the coil and then heats the substance in the atomizer. Most coils are not removable or replaceable but for some vaporizers, you can change the coil and replace with a new one when you think it is necessary. While heating the coil, it is advised that you do it carefully and look out for your fingers otherwise; you might burn your finger and that’s not an experience you will like to have.

Atomizer: this holds the substance that produces the vapor. This is actually where the magic happens. In the atomizer, your desired substance is heated through the charge of the coil and then the vapor is being produced for your pleasure. You cannot have a vaporizer without an atomizer. Like every other parts of a vaporizer, some atomizers are removable and replaceable while others are not. Most atomizers are made of metal because of the heat that comes to it.

Wick: this is where your e-juice is contained. You load in your preferred flavor or substance into the wick and place it in the atomizer. The atomizer receives the heat and passes it to the wick to make it produce the vapor. Wicks are removable and replaceable even for a one time use vaporizer. You can choose the flavor you prefer from the first time you get your vaporizer.

Care of the vaporizer

Like every other smoking device in your possession, the vaporizer needs some maintenance especially if it is not a one-time use vaporizer. The difference here is that the vaporizer does not need an intensive care. All you need to do it to clean out the atomizer and the wick after every smoke. This way you will not have some leftover substance in your wick and atomizer. Also, when your battery is weak, and it is replaceable, just replace it. Same goes to your coil.


If you are already conversant with rig and bong, using a vaporizer won’t be an issue for you. The good thing about vaporizers is that they are very potable and handy and so, you can take them anywhere. Also, you do not need an extra source of light to heat up your e –juice, the battery does it all. Vaporizers are built to give you the same smoking experience like your bong and rig but in this case, it comes in a handy package. Nevertheless, there has not been any scientific backing to show that vaping is 100% healthier than cigarette but since vaping has the option of nicotine, low nicotine and no nicotine, it is definitely safer than cigarette. This does not mean vaporizers are just an option for cigarette, you can also vape your dry weed or your cannabis extract as you do with dabbing. For weeds, you need to grind properly in order to get the perfect result. Although some vaporizers will allow you vape the bud but some won’t just work. And for your dab, you need to place it in the wick but make sure you put in just enough the wick can contain. Also, making a vaporizer choose is totally your decision but you might want to go for the replaceable vaporizers because it gives you the option to replace some of its components like the battery, coil and atomizer, when there get weak or go bad.

While vaping for the first time, remember that moderate is the keg for an effective and enjoyable vaping experience. Make sure to keep it low and simple

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