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Does weed make your smarter ?

11 Jun 2023

Personally i don't think smoking marihuana can make one smarter, but it can make the user very creative. It can also get your brain in a frenzy of non-stop thinking. I, being a smoker myself, enjoy reading because, even though it's hard to concentrate, whatever amount it is you read you can literally sink into what you are reading and have a more vivid experience.

Also marihuana, at least for me, has helped me develop a totally different way of thinking in which i see all the points of view, every anlge of my thoughts.


Especialy, when with some other smokers, you get to topics that can either be good for a laugh or you can even enter philosophical topics that you would have never thuoght of. It is an alternative way which can only be developed by the wonders of marihuana.
But a lot also depends on the person, i have some friends that when they smoke, more than talking and thinking, they just get lost in the world, not in a bad way, and they are really smart and intelligent.

Also some would have to agree that it does in fact allow you to ponder deeply life’s mysteries, or continue on a tangent of thought in a meditative state. It also allows you to look at yourself in the third person and to be objective or even juxtapose themes, such as jazz music and art. I initially began experimenting at the age of 24, and was a frequent user for 10 years. During that time, I composed a significant amount of poetry that is deep as a river. “There is a river” Psalm 46:4. Or the analogy of a river in “A river runs through it”. The concept of a metaphorical river may also allude to the stream of consciousness that everyone has, and may contribute to the Akashic records, a universal chalkboard, or in today’s reference like The Cloud computing. I believe that some forms of meditation, including using Cannabis may allow a connection to higher forms of consciousness including the Akashic records or even the holographic universe. Use of Cannabis will also allow an increase in neuroplasticity, rewiring and expanding the mind. You can see a diagram of Psilocybin before and after neural pathways

Marijuana may have a less pronounced effect on rewiring neural pathways in as short a time as Psilocybin. However with “chronic” use the concept of neural plasticity applies.

If you were to describe the effects of a single session of Cannabis use, it still depends on the “strain” for which effects you may experience. If you have to buy street weed, you may get some schwag that doesn’t have such a great effect, and can even be somewhat negative. If you can shop at a dispensary, you can choose the kind high or meditative state that you want to experience or achieve. If you want to experience enlightenment like The Buddha sitting on a lotus flower, you may get to that state of Nirvana depending on your setting. The very first time I tried Mary Jane, (after making a thorough decision that I wanted to experiment with it) my friend made some Cannabis infused pasteries and I ate one of them. About an hour later I experienced my first complete Chakra alignment and was laying on the couch being able to feel my Aura as a rainbow connecting the crown chakra to the foot chakras. I had never experimented with Chakra work or Auras before that day. Since I have studied some of the methodologies of Chakra alignment and Kundalini Yoga, that allows you to eventually Astral Project and access the Akashic records. You have to really work at the metaphysical chakra clearing consciously, and the use of Cannabis allows your subconscious to allow you to progress on “auto-pilot”. My mind when using Cannabis is like solving a rubik’s cube on auto pilot. I don’t have to really try to think deeply, I just go places, and occasionally some of those places may be dealing with deep seated issues that I would rather repress.

A description of a typical “trip” begins with a questioning of “am I high?” and then you start to realize you are high, and the mind starts to drift towards tangents. As the THC acts as an Acetyl Choline Esterase Inhibitor (which is a nootropics nuance today) the synapses in the brain start firing more rapidly and increase in intensity for some time. Your mind during a High state can be channel flipping like the V-hold on a television, and you have some amazingly insightful ideas, and sometimes you are able to write them down, before you forget the topic you were on. As you burn off the acetyl choline esterase inhibitor effect, you plateau and your brainwaves slow down and you go into the “Stoned” stage, that includes a body high, and you are in a predominantly subconscious state, maybe comparative of reaching theta waves. You may just drift off asleep after a while, and it is a good choice for insomnia.

we heard that Albert Einstein was a chronic user of Cannabis. I know that his “thought experiments” were tangents, and that he frequently used a smoking pipe, but mainly because when he died at the age of 76, the slices of his sampled brain showed a healthy brain for somebody in their 20’s, and I believe it is due to the neuroplastic and neuroprotective effect of CBDs.

As a chronic user, I had my own personal rules that I would follow. First, respect the drug (includes not using specific strains like “trainwreck”) Second have a list of drugs I am open to using and a list of drugs I wont ever use. My list of drugs I was open to were MDMA, Psilocybin, DMT, and Marijuana (and you can mix all of the above safely, in a safe place.) The list of drugs I would never mess with are Meth, Opiates, Cocaine, Crack, Heroin, LSD or any other “Hard Drugs” including hard alcohol.

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