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weed or cigarette which is worse?

11 Jun 2023

Tobacco smoking could be a common health blight.

Smokers crave the chemical toxin however you'll be able to currently use a vaporizer to urge that heart kick. i do not understand if that's a safer solution to plant toxin dose or not. it's prefer it goes to be around for the predictable future,so analysis will be done.

As for cannabis you do not simply have smoke it to in a very butt or pipe. Like tobacco it will be volatilized or rendered to associate degree oil. and it will be created into edible product.

Cannabis not like tobacco has tried medical uses. therefore if it will be taken consume safer means use it.

  • both cigarettes and weed, moreover as alternative plant matter, unleash carcinogens once burned.
  •  in contrast to tobacco, cannabis conjointly releases anti-carcinogens and antimutagens even once burned
  •     theses anti-carcinogens and antimutagens seem to be ample to counter the carcinogens in combusted cannabis plant matter
  •     a study showed that cannabis smokers that didn't smoke tobacco moreover don't have any higher risk of cancer then non-smokers
  •     agents in cannabis smoke dilate, or widen, the airways wherever as tobacco smoke clogs the airways.
  •  nobody smoke twenty joints / day. twenty cigarettes/day seems to be a extremely alot.

Overall, People may smoke a joint a day or per two, but defeinlty will not smoke 20 joints or 10 joint a day.

for benefits? What smoking have benefits ? you must be dreaming

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