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How do you feels for smoking DMT

11 Jun 2023

DMT experience is different for each person. Rather than post my personal experience with DMT in detail, I'll explain more generally what it's like. This is what I would say to someone interested in trying it.

Your soul leaves your body and you experience something that is both “not reality” and yet more real than anything you've ever felt in your life. You are raw. Nothing but an essence of being. Only your consciousness—no body, no thoughts in a technical sense.

However you experience it, however it appears to you visually, auditorially, etc. it feels like your truest inner-most self touches the very workings of the universe. You receive a knowing deeper than knowledge—an understanding. About yourself and about the universe.

All of this happens within the span of 5 minutes or so, though it feels like hours. When you come back to your body you feel reborn, with a new appreciation for what this life is.

How is this possible, I don't know. I don't claim to “know” much about DMT (or much about anything in this life, for that matter). All I can share is what I've experienced.

I can, however, say with certainty that the enlightenment DMT offers is not the same as any other psychedelic. It’s much more powerful. It tears you away from your ego and every idea you hold that composes reality. Imagine realizing that everything you experience in this world could be an illusion. That you spend your day to day life living in a infinitesimal fraction of the universe, ignorant to what else is out there. It’s incredible, awesome—but frightening and overwhelming.

You have to be willing to embrace it. Instead of fearing the emptiness that's left when your constructs are destroyed, open up to it and let it liberate you from the confines of your human ego-fueled mind.

Be ready to accept your authentic self and realize that even if the things being presented to you feel negative at the moment, it’s an overall positive thing that you are seeing them. Acknowledging that something is wrong is the first step to changing it. It's this pain that people run from and the reason why so many spend their whole lives unhappy, dreaming of something more but too afraid to be uncomfortable.

I would recommend DMT to anyone who is interested. But I would also suggest having solid experience in other psychedelics first.

Some people are not ready for what these drugs reveal to you about yourself. I have seen somebody I love go through a bad trip because she couldn’t handle the ego-destroying effects of a psychedelic. I was extremely emotionally perceptive because I was also tripping, and I could feel how deeply afraid she was to face her insecurities/flaws. I watched her battle with it internally, the fear and anxiety building up slowly, until she finally exploded into this frenzy. It was to this day the scariest moment of my life.

I don't want to scare anybody, but I do want to make clear that these drugs are not to be taken lightly. They are incredibly powerful, and as such can be incredibly good or incredibly bad. Not that the bad trips are too common, but they do happen.

A final note:

Psychedelics shouldn't be viewed as purely recreational or with the intention of “let's get fucked up, man, and trip the fuck out.” Might be obvious to some of you reading this (aka people with psychedelic/drug experience), but there may be others who are reading because they are new to this and are curious but perhaps still influenced by society’s representation of drugs being a “cool” way that bad asses and rebels have fun.

I want to be clear that that is not what I advocate. If you're seeking for pleasure for the sake of escapism, this answer is not for you. If you're seeking for truth, however…

Always, be safe and be smart.

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