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How much Cannabis is too much marijuana?

11 Jun 2023

Dabs are too much marijuana.

If you don't know what a dab is, you'll find out soon enough if you try one, because you'll quickly be too high to talk or function anymore as a regular human being.

In my humble opinion, there’s no reason to get as high as dabs get you (medical patients aside). Most of the people I've come across who smoke dabs are have upped their THC tolerance to an absurd level, and use dabs several times per day needing them to get to their desired level of super-stoned.


What are dabs, you may ask?

Dabs (N) , or dabbing (V) , isn’t regular weed/ flowers. Rather, it’s weed that's been boiled down into a highly concentrated wax: potent THC oil.

Typically, you might see people smoking this wax out of a regular vape pen or pipe. Dabbers have decided this isn't enough and they need to make this already concentrated wax even more powerful.

Enter: "dab rig."

A dab rig is like a bong except instead of a glass bowl where you’d put the weed, it has a Titanium/steel flat piece where the wax is placed, which is necessary to withstand the blowtorch.

The process is as follows:

  1. You blowtorch the metal bowl piece for 30 seconds to a minute so that it's blue hot.

Then, a sharp metal object is used to scrape up a piece of THC wax/concentrate, which is then pressed to the (now blue-hot) Titanium bowl.

All of the wax is vaporized instantly by the torch.

Simultaneously, you inhale into the dab rig/bong (the top part of the picture of above), pulling all of the smoke that's being vaporized it into the big chamber of the bong.

The result is having a lot of compressed THC vapor in the bong, several times more concentrated than smoking a regular vape, smoking a bowl, etc.

Then, you inhale that.

The tricky thing is that it’s possible to vaporize a whole weeks worth of wax in 5 seconds, and compress it all into the chamber.

With a regular vape pen, you can only inhale as much THC as your lungs will allow, right? Just a regular pen.

It isn't compressed into a chamber several times over, just regular density vapor.

An old roommate of mine dabbed multiple times per day. Heavily. He would always offer.

When I would take it, I always regretted it, because he’d line up a massive chamber full and you feel almost obligated to inhale it all.

One time we were going to the movies and he offered me one before we left. I like having a little something before the movies sometimes and accepted.

The entire movie trip, I regressed into a state where I was this weird human who giggles but can't really talk or be social on any normal level. Sounds funny, but it's kind of awkward when you're so incredibly high that you're just sitting there making weird giggles instead of communicating normally.

… Way too much THC..


Dabs are way too much marijuana

some says

There is no such thing as too much marijuana, only too much THC, which is but a single cannabinoid of many found in cannabis plants. THC is psychoactive, the only one to get users “high.” It is possible to overdose on THC, but how much it takes to make you overly paranoid, nauseous, dizzy and otherwise feeling ill, not dead, depends on several factors, as the National Institutes of Health tells us.

Everyone tolerates weed differently. You could feel sick after a few puffs if you are not used to consuming THC, but your friend may never know what it feels like to smoke too much. Potency of strains can affect how much you need to overdose, the stronger ones more likely to cause it than weaker ones. Edibles are notorious for THC overdoses, as they can take up to two hours for effects to become apparent and few can wait that long. Newbies, especially, have a tendency to eat more too quickly, instead of waiting for initial effects to kick in. Before they know it, they are having a bad experience.

Fortunately, there are ways to combat the effects of too much THC. The terpene pinene, in particular, can mellow the buzz out and sober you up quickly, which you can find in pistachios and pine nuts. Citric acid has a similar sobering effect, so eat oranges, lemons and other citrus fruits. However, the best antidote for a THC overdose is, without doubt, cannabidiol, or CBD. If you have some CBD about, take some the moment you realize your THC intake is too high and you start feeling awful. If not, order some from an online marijuana dispensary so that you have it available for such a situation. The bonus is that they can usually deliver within 45 minutes or less, depending on where you live.

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