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How to Clean Oil Burner easily

11 Jun 2023

Everyone at once while you got to do some laundry right ? clean your dirty shirts undies, so you can reuse them next time, have fresh feelings, that go same for glass pipe.  Why do you  need to clean your glass pipe ? leave the residue inside the pipe may mix the the flavor and end up with weird taste, or if you share the pipe with your buddies, its always safe first to clean your pipe after use. Prevent more health problem, maybe you don't care, I’m already a smoker, health problem what ?. anyway clean up your pipe it will look alot nicer and more apparels. 
            Cleaning the pipe can be painful, it does  consume a lot of energy and time.  if you not doing it right you may drop it or damage it in some ways,  and to keep buy the same pipe is just a waste of money. Last time I checked, green buck are still hard to come by nowadays. 

               Before you start the cleaning process, you will need to prepare the tools first.  The first item is you have a pipe, if you don't own a pipe, there is no need to clean it, second a quiet place, when nobody can interrupt you, avoid all kind surprise that may cause you drop your pipe,  find the place you do your “happy time” , and get big ass bowl full with water, and a hand soap, some alcohol , and cleaning cloths, you can tear apart some t-shirt or your girlfriend undies, whatever works for you.  And get mug cleaning brush, that brush look like the janitor use to clean the toilet, so you can stick inside the pipe and clean the bowl more efficiently. And the last item is salt, you can grab it from the kitchen or get it free from any Chinese restaurant table, just go and take that tiny little bag with label “salt” ,  When you have all those tools.
 lets begins,
          1) First you have to remove any loose substance from the pipe. Then hold the pipe upside down and gently tap to get rid of any remaining particles. Then you can try use any type of  cleaning implement, like cotton swab, mechanical pencil, needle, or equally skinny object to get rid of any massive, simply just reach as far inside as much as possible . stick that mug cleaning brush inside the pipe and squzie or twize, then shake the dirt off the pipe, 
        Be gentle, not all pipe are made in America some pipe may very thin like sensitive skins, do not risk breaking the pipe to urge at hard tough spots, sit in ,take deep inhale and  be patients, try to move around little when the cotton swab inside the pipe, it may take little time, but it worth,after you remove the big chunk of the things from the pipe, next step alcohol can use to wash it more effective. .

oil burner pipes -          Fill a plastic resealable bag with isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol. attempt to purchase ninetieth isopropyl, because it can clean the pipe quicker than the a lot of watered-down seventy one answer. Place the pipe within, ensuring it's absolutely submerged within the fluid.
    Alcohol breaks down tar and organic compound, creating it easier to get rid of and improvement off stains over time.
    ( when you do this stpe remember people, do not smoke, because if you light up a cigarette you may also light up the alcohol or your entire happy place.  Be safe, no lights ,no fire, and wear safely goggle if you can.alcohol burns)
        Add one tablespoon of salt to the bag. Salt can act like associate degree abrasive put on your pipe, scrub away the organic compound in places you'll ne'er reach with a sponge or brush. as a result of it's meant to rub away the organic compound, attempt to use the largest grains of salt your will realize -- course or kosher salt is sometimes your best bet.
           Shake the pipe within the bag, ensuring to figure the salt into the within of the pipe. If attainable, get the salt within the pipe so use your fingers to shut off the openings to the pipe. you'll be able to then shake up the salt within the chamber, eliminating the maximum amount organic compound as attainable. Shake the bag for 1-2 minutes or till the pipe is visibly clean. If you feel tired turn up the music, think this like in a gym, shake it up people.  Grab a coffee or pizza and continue to shake it for 2 whole minutes.
      Soak the pipe for many hours as long as you can , if you cannot wait that long, get back up pipe, we have some cheap pipe for sale, you can also diy your own ,get a small pvc pipe and make a metal bowl, there you go. After pipe soaked just repeat within the morning to wash terribly dirty pipes. Add a splash of contemporary isopropyl and let the pipe sit, submerged within the fluid, for many hours before shaking it up once more. If you're victimisation seventy one alcohol, then a number of your salt might have dissolved, therefore make certain to feature a lot of if you appear to be missing some.
       Rinse out the pipe with plight. take away all the alcohol and salt from the pipe with some piping plight and discard the remainder down the bathroom, because it will odorize your sink and pipes if left undisturbed.
        Clean out any remaining spots with a cleaning implement or cotton swabs. Wipe off any very little spots, dipping the top of your tool in some clean alcohol to urge eliminate any persistent stains. to get rid of any water marks or non-resin stains, soak the pipe for 10-15 minutes in an exceedingly mixture of heat water and juice.

After you completed all those steps you should have a shining beautiful new pipe, just like you own it since yesterday.  If not, repeat all the steps again and again, until you have a new clean pipe. 

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