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How to correctly smoke a tobacco pipe?

11 Jun 2023

If you are new to smoke pipe than it is really important to learn the way one should smoke. It is one of the most important thing to enjoy. Here are some of the steps that one can follow to get best smoking experience for oneself. They are -

  1. Firstly, chose a water pipe that you will be using for smoking. You can get the best options of smoke pipes from Water Pipes for Sale which is one of the best option to get the best smoke pipe that will provide you with the best smoking experience that you are looking for.
  2. Pipe tamper/tool - Although it is not really necessary to get the best options for having the best tobacco pipes that will better help you with the best options for packing the tobacco’s.
  3. Pipe Cleaners - It is required after you have finished with smoking to clean the pipe.
  4. Wooden Matches or A Pipe Lighter - This will help you to light up your pipe to experience the best options for smoking.
  5. And finally, all you need is tobacco that you will put inside your smoke pipe to smoke. These tobaccos comes in a variety of flavors and strengths that one can chose according to there requirements of smoking.

Most people use the 3-2 method as it is sometimes referred. Which means you take your tobacco fill the bowl full then use the tamper to press it down with a bit of pressure. Then repeat two more times each time pressing down a bit harder. When you pull on the pipe (prior to trying to light it) it should have the resistance of pulling a drink through a straw. If it pulls to freely or too hard empty the bowl and start over.

Once packed use a wood match to steady puff circulating the match around the bowl. The tobacco will rise and go out. This is called the charring or "ghost" light. Now strike another match and repeat the process until the tobacco is going from a stead puff. Do not pull to eagerly or the tobacco will burn too hot. Slow and steady wins the race. Remember smoking a pipe is relaxing not a manic affair.

It takes a lot of practice to pack a bowl well and even more practice to keep the bowl burning longer than a few minutes. There is no shame in lighting the bowl as needed. Any tobacconist will gladly walk you through the steps and help with finding blends to try. I recommend buying an ounce of a few different ones that sound appealing.

Pipe smoking is as much ritual as it is relaxation.

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