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How to use a bong for beginners

11 Jun 2023

How to use a bong for beginners

Marijuana as a recreational drug is gradually gaining its place legally in the society today. A recent study has shown that over 30 million adults in the United States which is about 11% of the population is smoking, drinking or eating marijuana. So if you are new to the smoking world, then you are not late yet and if you are about to try out bong, you are welcome.

You might have been enjoying your marijuana wrapped or cooked but you are still unsure how to go about the bong experience, which bong is best for you as a beginner and what to expect. Well, you have hit the right piece that will answer your questions.

Using a bong for the first time could be a tricky experience because you must know how to set it up before use. For instance, you must know how to filling water to the bong, how to load in your marijuana before lighting and as funny as it may sound – how to hold the bong while inhaling.

To keep the guide clear and simple as possible, I will explain the types of bong, the materials they are made of, the different parts of bong and then we talk about how to use a bong for a beginner.

At this point you might what to relax as we hit the road!

Different Types of bongs

As bong is becoming a pleasant necessity for marijuana lovers, there is an increasing need for it to come in different types (size) so as to meet the people’s different needs. Basically, we have three types of bong and they include:  1) the mini bong. 2) The medium bong. 3) The large bong.

  1. The mini bong: this comes in small sharps and is potable to carry about. It is the perfect bong you will want to travel with because of the size. It has all the necessary component of a bong but smaller in size. If you want to keep your activities on a low, probably away from a nosy-neighbor, then this is the perfect bong for you.
  2. Medium bong: this has both good airspace like the large bong and a little bigger in size but potable like the mini bong. If you are just a starter, then I will recommend the medium bong for you because it gives you a clean hit like the large one but easier to handle and carry about unlike the large bong
  3. The large bong: this type of bong is usually referred to as the king size type of bong, it allows for easy airflow and it is significantly large in its entire component. However, if you are handling a bong for the first time, the large bong may not be the best for you because it may slip off and crash to the ground especially if it is made of glass material.

Having explained the three types of bong, we move ahead to the materials bongs are mad of. We have bongs made of 1) Glass material. 2) Ceramic material. 3) Acrylic or plastic material and 4) silicon material.

  1. Glass material: to many, this is the classiest type of bong. It provides the finest hit. The glass used in making this type of bong is resistant to thermal shock which makes it very durable. It is very easy to add some other components like the ash catcher, percolator and so on to a glass bong and this is why its versatility stands out.

However, this type of bong is easily broken and if you are a lover of cannabis, “your heart might be broken with it” (just saying though). But any slip may result to the loss of your bong.

  1. Ceramic material:this is considered the oldest type of bong because it has been said to be in use for the past one hundred years now. It is the best in temperature regulation and gives a clean hit too. It may be heavier than others and lack versatility but its material helps it in delivering a neutral flavor.
  2. Acrylic or plastic material: this might not be the best for you, especially if you are a beginner, although it is the cheapest of all, but it might not give you the best quality of service. The smoke from the acrylic made bong is less filtered and this is not the best experience you wanted. Its bowl and downstem is made of metal while the other parts of the bong are made of acrylic.
  3. Silicon material:silicon bongs are somewhat foldable and are quite durable. They are very easy to wash and can withstand any given temperature when in use. Many users now opt for it – firstly because it is relatively affordable, secondly, it is easy to wash and maintain, and thirdly, its foldable nature makes it handy to travel with.

Parts of Bong

As we have talked about types of bong and the materials they are made of, it is time to talk about the parts of bong as they will help you in setting up a clean hit.

Basically, bongs are four parts (the fifth part called the “carb” does not come in every bong) which includes the mouthpiece, the chamber, the bowl and the downstem.

  1. The downstem: this is the part that holds the water and helps to enhance a clean hit.
  2. The chamber: this is the part of the bong where the smoke accumulates. Once the smoke accumulates here, know that your hit is ready.
  3. Bowl: this is a detachable slide where you load in your marijuana and also light it.
  4. The mouthpiece: this the channel through which you take your hit. You can choose to inhale as much as possible or as little as you can per time.

How to use a bong for a beginner

It you have been using bong for some time then you are probable familiar with some the thing I’m going to talk about here but if you are new to bong, then it’s about time!

Using bong as a beginner

  1. Fill in water: once you get a bong for use, the first thing to do it to fill in water. Don’t be confused about this process. All you have to do is remove the downstem and fill in water to the limit which is usually below the bowl. And if your downstem isn’t removable, you can fill in water through the chamber. You might want to add an ice cube for a cool feeling but it is optional.
  2. Fill in your bowl: grind your marijuana and fill in your desired amount of into the bowl. The grinding will help it to burn evenly. when you have filled your bowl with marijuana, light it up gently and allow it to burn until enough smoke have accumulated in the chamber.
  3. Get ready for the hit: place your mouth in the mouthpiece, do not place it above the mouthpiece and do not give room for external air. Seal the mouthpiece with your mouth lock in it. But before then, remove the bowl which has the burnt substance.
  4. Inhale: it is good if you inhale gradually and not having so much at a time. This may reduce the risk of thermal shock and help you regulate how much of the smoke you have per time. However, the best practice is to inhale forcefully. While inhaling, hold the bong firmly in your dominant hand, you place it in a flat surface nearby. In a situation where there is no flat surface around, you can place it on your stomach or thighs if it’s big enough. This is to ensure that it doesn’t fall off your hand and break and then all your labor and pleasure will be wasted. 
  5. Exhale: exhale when desired. However, there is no known additional benefit of keeping the smoke longer in your lungs. You can exhale the smoke almost immediately as you have inhaled it and you will still get the same result and satisfaction.
  6. Clear the smoke in the chamber: the best practice is to clear your smoke in the chamber especially when you are not the only one using the bong at that time. It is believed that the remaining smoke is stale and many smokers won’t want to clear the chamber for you. Make sure you clear the chamber before passing it on.

Any newbie to bong will find this article a total guide to using bong. We have talked about the types, material, how to use a bong and basically everything you need to know about bong and its usage. Now is the time you get some practice!

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