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How to smoke the perfect dabs

11 Jun 2023

1) What is dabbing?

Although dapping is popular among stoners, it is important that we still talk about it for those who have little or no idea about it.

Dab refers to a type of cannabis which has been processed to contain high level concentration. Most dabs concentration contains as high as 80% - 90% THC/CBD, this is in contrast to regular cannabis which has a concentration level of 10% to 15% THC/CBD. This simply means that dabs are approximately 4-5 times stronger than your regular joint and should be taken with caution. The extraction is done through a chemical process in which butane oil or C02 is used to extract the THC/CBD oil from cannabis. There are various dab products such as Honey Comb, Earwax, shatter, Erll, Black Glass, Budder, Honey Oil, 710 and some others

Dabbing:Dabbing simply refers to the consumption of dabs. This dabs are mostly cannabis extract and concentrations that have been well refined. There are various ways individuals can consume dabs but one of the most popular forms is through the use of tubes. Vaps can also be used for dabbing. Just like regular joints that need to be lighted to inhale, dabs also need a certain level of heat. Dabs need to be properly heated at a high temperature to be able to achieve desired results.

How to Dab: If you want to dab, then you would need to have a dab rig which some might refer to as oil rig, what does a dab rig involve? A dab rig involves the following items: dabber, dab cap, a dab pad, an electronic nail, a timer, a ceramic or glass nail, a butane touch, and some cotton swabs. A dab rig is so much similar to a bong, the major difference between a bong and a dab rig is that bong has a chamber for flowers while dab rig on the other hand has a nail where the concentrates are placed.

How to use a dab rig

First step in using a dab rig is filling the lower base of the rig with water. This water would help in filtering and cooling down the vapor to be inhaled. The next step is to heat up the nail with the torch to set the motion in progress, when you done heating up the nail, let it cool down a bit for about 30 to 60 seconds this enables you get the best flavor out of your dab. Then gently place the dab on the surface of the heated nail and start inhaling slowly for maximum effect. You can also place the carb cap on the nail to serve as an oven by trapping all the heat that would have escaped giving you a better long-lasting trill. It is also important to note that its very necessary to exhale immediately you inhale as your lungs has captured what is necessary and it’s not ideal to put much stress on your lungs.

Tips for Dabbing

Don’t Take Huge Dabs: No matter how experienced you are oh how good you think you are, never inhale huge chunks of dab. Dabbing has a much higher effect on people unlike your regular joint. Taking dabs in large proportions can increase certain psychotic symptoms which might include delusion, hallucination, and even paranoia. Little dose of dabs can give you x7 trills of dab so its advisable to just only take dab in small quantities.

Wear Gloves: Gloves are produced from high chemical concentration and as such, one needs to be extremely carefully when handling it. It is also important to note that bacteria from your hands can contaminate the herb and might cause some health issues. Dabs are oil concentrates and as such has the capability of staining the hands due to its slimy and oily nature which is bound to spoil your dabbing experience. Many will not want to leave a mark which comes from the spilling of the oily concentration on their skin. So, it is best you use of a glove to make sure that when you have a spill, it doesn’t get to your skin.

Allow the Nail Cool: Dabbin is fun and all that, it takes nothing from you to allow the nail cool off first before dabbing. Its understandable you want to act cool and all that and also want t show that you are a pro, just calm down and wait for the nail to cool down before taking the dab. Dabbing at high temperature can lead to certain health risk like chest pain and lots more. Outside the possible health risks, dabbing at high temperature can sometimes seem unpleasant as the heat can sometimes lead to burst of some unpleasant flavors. To avoid having a bad and horrific dabbing experience, always allow the dab to cool of for some seconds before going at it, even the experts would tell you that the secret to gaining the best dabbing experience is using relatively less heat.


Use Carb Cap: Carb carp which are also referred to as carburetors help in limiting the amount of air that flows to the dab rig. One great future of the carb cap is that by limiting the flow of air to the dab rig helps to reduce the boiling temperature which helps in concentrating your oil giving you an experience of a lifetime. Another great benefit of using the carb cap is that it creates a new flavor with each hit giving you an amazing feeling like every hit is a new flavor. Carb cap is also very economical, economical because it helps trap and save your smoke that would have escaped, so can we say that carb is “a smoke saver”. It saves the last of your dab and also adding some more flavors to your trapped smoke.

Clean your Piece Regularly:  Cleaning your dab rig can never be over emphasized. To continue to get the best trill and flavor from your dab, your rig needs to always be clean. Not regularly cleaning your dab can affect your dabbing experience as residue from past use can contaminate current dab. Also there is the issue of not getting the right flavor from your hit as particles from past use can alter current flavor. This is not all, if you do not keep your dab rig clean often, the smoke which continually accumulates turns into stain and if you continue to ignore, it might damage the rig.

Use the Right Accessory: We all know that if you want to smoke your joint, you need your grinder, your roller and your lighter. Dabbing also works the same way you need the right accessories for dabbing.

When it comes to dabbing, certain accessories are a must and they include, dab rig, torch, and nail. The above listed tools are a necessity for dabbing. It is also necessary to have a silicone mat where you can place your dab ring on instead of on direct surfaces. Placing your dab ring on silicone surfaces helps to increase its durability while preventing cracks.


Whether you are new to dabbing or already a pro at dabbing, it is important to take head from this tips as they can go a long way in improving your dabbing experience while also helping to reduce health risks that might occur due to abuse of dabs. This steps and tricks have been proven to be a sure road map to having the best dabbing experience. Nevertheless, dabbing techniques and tricks are developed everyday as more people wish to take adventure and explore new things. It is possible that as you dab with your mates, you will come across new tricks that you may not find here, our advice is that you take it and add it up with the ones you have gotten from here. However, always remember to keep it safe!

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