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How to use water dog oil burner pipe

11 Jun 2023

Waterdog oil pipes it been around for almost 10 years, there alot and alot people wonder how to use it, and I for one too, after tons google and research i found there is not clear idea how to use it anywhere. so after some test and experiments, finally i found out how to use it,  I'm gonna share  my opinions to you,  if you have any other idea on how to use it or any suggestion please let me know.

Waterdog or "dog in water", we have to either put that pipe in water or put water inside it.

SO here goes the two way of how to use waterdog pipe,, we put the water inside the pipe, and now the pipe work like handhold bubbler,

the two ways of use it.


There is also many design that is almost close to a waterdog pipe, make sure your pipe the two chamber are not too close, there is distance that you can place it in a mug,  also there is no really need to get waterdog with leg or little feets

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