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The Five Ws about Nos Cracker

11 Jun 2023

     So, what is the Nos cracker? Why are people so addicted to it? First things first, let’s have a common ground that people are addicted to the N20 or nitrous oxide in the nos cracker. how to use it ? Why use it . the harms of the human body.

N20 for recreational purpose

         N20 is also used as a food additive which functions as fuel for the whipped cream. That also explains why people can get high after having whipped cream. The experts categorize this as the dissociative anesthetic because it can procure the mind dissociation. Often, the users have a sense of flying or floating after using it from the Nos Cracker.

How to use it N20 Gas with Balloons ?

First,  To use N20 is Very easy, first you have to get a few balloons, doesn't matter what colors, make sure you get the quality thick feel balloons, not the cheap junk , when you pump the n20 gas and it explodes, 

Second, Now get your N20 Cracker or dispenser ready .

you can get something like this n20 gas

( ***** The reason you use balloons, is because the  safety and you can control the  discharge speed when nitros gas release into your mouths. you dont want do it like All one and suddenly gas light speed in your mouth, that is extremely dangerous may cause seriously problem, AVOID that !DO not discharge n20 gas to your mouth directly.)

third.  Now you put the small canister inside the co2  dispenser like the top picture but DO NOt screw all the way in, you don't want to waste all the n20 inside the small cannister, so light you hands. ,

Four, Now you insert the co2 dispenser fully inside the empty flat balloons. just leave the co2 end you can see it, you can use one balloon or two balloons tougher, just for safety .

Five, after you insert the co2 dispenser in the balloons, you can now scew tight the dispensers, so the canister discharge the co2 gas into  the balloons.

six, now you have a balloons full of co2 gas,  lose the dispenser , and hold tight the balloons,  inhale it as you wish. 


Inhale CO2 gas Does Harm you body a lot, can cause seriously problem ,  highly suggest Do not use it.

( this is not a guide, is just explanation  how people us it, will not responsibly  for any action or cause if one decision to use co2 gas, its your solo decision. )


Is it safe to use N20?

      All of the users should understand the effects of nitrous oxide. We can’t make sure about the safe level of drug use. Nitrous oxide, just like any other substance, has its risks. It is essential to be careful when inhaling the N20 from the Nos Cracker for recreational purpose.

The laughing gas can differentially affect the users depending on the dosage, user’s weight and health condition, the adaptability of the user, or whether the other substances or drugs are taken when he users inhale the N20.


Why is it called laughing gas?

             Is it for the euphoria or the floating feeling? Well, none of them. One of the effects procured by N20 is uncontrolled laughter. It does not matter. Whether you are sad, mad, angry, or anything else, the N20 will react pretty quickly, and you will laugh without any reason. But this laughter, at some levels, can also boost the euphoria feeling so that you may not be aware of your surroundings when the drug takes over you.


The effects of laughing gas

               As much as the good feelings that you can enjoy, it also comes with some adverse effects that you need to consider such as the giddiness, uncoordinated movements, confusion, sweating, dizziness, feeling fatigued, and so on. Some people even get a heart attack if their body is not strong enough to inhale the N20. That’s why it is essential to take a little dosage at first to prevent any mishap from happening.

Some side effects that need to be considered are memory loss, incontinence, numbness in the hands or feet, limb spasm, potential congenital disabilities, depression, and many more.

Despite the side effects mentioned above, it is also possible to combine the gas with the other stimulants or drugs such as cannabis, salvia, ketamine, etc.



             Inhaling from the designated chargers or crackers is the right thing to do. However, don’t ever use it when you are alone in a room. You will need someone besides you to keep everybody sane. The gas can be intensely cold. The constant pressure of the gas can be harmful if taken intensely. Be careful when using it since it can cause ruptures in the lung when using it exaggeratedly. Some people do the trick by releasing the N20 to the balloon first to warm the gas, then normalize the pressure before inhaling. That’s why the Nos Crackers or chargers which are specifically designed for the recreational purpose can make a better choice for you.

        Don’t spray the gas nearby flammable substances. Avoid using it while your cigarettes are on. Don’t drink alcohol as well because it can make you unconscious.

Some people can pass out when inhaling the gas while dancing, walking, or doing any vigorous activities.

          The addiction to the N20 is not shared. But for those who have been using the gas for recreational purposes, the habit can happen. It is essential to control yourself before you come to the extent of drug abuse. To avoid such negative consequences, use the Nos crackers in moderate frequency. Some people rely on Nos crackers to relieve from stress. But others can become more addicted because they have nothing else in their hands. It is good to know that N20 is not the only solution to overcome your stress. You can think of some other activities that can keep you preoccupied. Use your Whippit once a week or so.

          Inhaling from the whippet could be challenging because the gas comes out from the crackers too quickly. When the N20 rushes into the lungs, it can cause a puncture. Frostbites are the last thing you want to experience. Fill the balloon with the N20 to give time to warm up. By then, you can control the amount of gas to enter your lung.


The laughing gas chargers market names

        Nos crackers, nos chargers, whippits, whippets, and whip-its are the same thing. Whippets are the market name of the N20 charger or crackers. You will find this coined word in an online marketplace which allows its seller to sell the nos crackers along with its content. When referring to the N20 charger, you can use either one of them, and folks will thoroughly understand.

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