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Should you smoke Weed ? THC

11 Jun 2023

If you are crowd sourcing an answer, then the answer is probably NO.


  1. You seem to be uncertain - While marijuana is one the least potent drugs around, it can cause impairment, the loss of a job (if you are drug tested), and potentially, an arrest. If you are uncertain that any of those things are something that you can handle, then just skip it.
  2. If you have existing lung ailments, smoking marijuana may exacerbate them.
  3. Finding a connect can be anywhere from a pain in the ass to potentially dangerous, depending upon where you live - While films and television make smoking weed seem funny and easy, it is actually a huge pain in the ass. You have to find a connection, hope that person doesn't sell you crappy product (meaning that you will be forced to find another one) transport it back to a safe place to smoke (the police are still "unfriendly" in most places about this) and hope that you don't get robbed while you are doing this (yes, there are people on the streets who will mug you for your drugs or your money. Or both)
  4. Weed is expensive - Since it is still illegal, it's going to cost you a lot. Depending upon how much you find  that you enjoy it and where you live that be as much as $100-200 a week (add more if your SO also smokes or you have friends who are mooches). Unless you have a good paying job, that kind of money, which you could be saving, will really start to hurt after a while.
  5. It can cause relationship problems - If your SO doesn't smoke and asks or demands that you stop, you've got a problem. If your SO lives with you and doesn't appreciate the cash outlay for weed, you've got a problem. If you need to get high to deal with most things in your life, you'll have problem with both weed and your SO. If you have small children and you continue to smoke weed, you'll have a problem. If you are unemployed and you still want to smoke weed when you have limited funds, you'll have a problem with your SO. If your SO is stopped by the police with your weed in the car, you'll have a problem.

I used to smoke weed.

For personal and work reasons I no longer do.

While I don't judge people who do (it's your business), I do recommend that they carefully consider what could be a decision with a numerous consequences. Smoking weed can cause you more problems than it can ever alleviate.

If that's a problem, I'd say don't bother.

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