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is methamphetamine and Adderall same ?

11 Jun 2023

ALot people did not know the differences betwem it, but they are very similar. In fact, many kids like myself got hooked on Adderall in college and ended up graduating to meth because Adderall was too hard to come by since it is a controlled substance.

When I first started using Adderall everything that I experienced was virtually identical to my experience once I switched to using methamphetamine. The only real difference was the length and plateau of the euphoria felt on meth, was a bit more intense and longer-lasting, and the come down off Adderall had the potential to be a bit harsher.

But here's the thing, while an Adderall user will have no problems getting an equal or better high when switching to meth, once you are a meth user, you will no longer be able to get any kind of high from Adderall ever again.

Don't be fooled by people claiming that Adderall is any less addictive or any less dangerous as an abused drug. The only reason I ever tried methamphetamine was because I developed a fast and hard addiction to Adderall, and when I finished college I no longer had a connection for the drug anymore, leaving me desperate to find an alternative. But my amphetamine addiction was already cemented on Adderall, long before I even tried meth.

The dangers are the same with both drugs, with the only exception being that because methamphetamine is homemade, there is a potential for unknown hazardous chemicals to be used in it's production. But as far as the addiction and the damage done to your body, both are devastating and potentially lethal.

If you are even considering trying either one of them for the first time, save your own life and stay as far away from them as possible. Please believe me when I say, they will take everything in your life that you hold dear away from you and utterly destroy it.

Adderall is time released and will make you focused for a long time. With more or less side effects. Metamphetamine is the ingredient, but this is what you buy off the street. A street drug. In small dosages can be like adderall if it is pure. Problem with drugs off the street is you dont really know what you are buying. It will just be a white powder, could be mixed with anything. You can smoke metamphetamine, but take a look at drug addicts, you might look like that. It is much more euphoric and much more addictive. Adderall you can get prescribed, metamphetamine is illegal and its really hard to know what you buy.

Overall they both are problem drugs,

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