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The Different style Shapes bongs

11 Jun 2023

The Different style bongs

The glass pipe bong or water pipe bong has been around for quite some time and continues to be popular among smokers and potheads alike. There are many different styles of bongs that are available, and each one has its own unique characteristics. Today we will take an in-depth look at these different styles of bongs, so that you can decide which one best suits your needs as well as your preferences.

Zong bong

While Zong style bongs are perhaps most associated with Chinese designs, many Westerners favor them as well. Rather than a separate chamber to hold water, these pipes typically have a long tube to submerge cannabis in water; herbs and molasses can also be added for a better taste.

Most models have double chambers for air flow and allow users to switch between two types of filters when smoking (one large and one small). Again, these pipes also require no rubber grommets because they don’t use bowls that burn herbs. To smoke a zong-style pipe, first, remove it from its base then add water through an opening on one side.

Place your herb of choice on top and cover it with your filter—this only takes seconds. Lastly, light your marijuana bud using a regular lighter or match. When using a zong style bong, never touch glass parts while they're hot! This could result in burns or cracking which defeats the purpose of having a great piece! Zongs were traditionally used by Asian farmers to keep themselves relaxed while working out in their fields.

But today's urban hipsters find them just as useful for enjoying time spent playing pool or surfing Reddit at work! Check out our wide selection if you're looking for something original you won't see anyone else wearing it!

Beaker Bong

A beaker-shaped bong is shaped much like a laboratory beaker. If you've ever seen a movie where someone was smoking from one, then you know exactly what it looks like. It works by filling it up with water, placing your herb at one end, and lighting it from there, pulling air through your pipe from an open hole in another part of it that allows air to pass through.

When smoke fills up in your pipe after pulling down on a carb (which some have), you release it and inhale. On top of all that, these pipes also come with diffused slits or percolators to cool down and filter out larger particles when pulling through.

If you're just getting into using bongs for medical or recreational use, buying one should be pretty easy once you decide which style is right for you. You'll want to figure out how many people will regularly be using it as well as how often they'll do so; there's no point in buying something too small if people will need space when they're enjoying their ganja.

Straight Bongs

Straight tubes seem pretty self-explanatory, but there are three types to consider. The most basic type is called a spoon, which has a simple, circular curve from one end to another. There's also a beaker style that looks like two spoons fused together (hence why it's called a beaker), and finally, there's an hourglass shape (or 'bubble') that is essentially two spoons stuck together with an extra piece in between.

At first glance, these don't appear much different than straight tubes, but they affect how the smoke travels and filters through water. They all require enough space at their base to hold ice, while straight tubes can fill up more toward their center, forcing water further away from your mouth as you inhale.

The ice then chills and cools your hit while filtering out unwanted particles by trapping them near its surface, keeping them away from where you're drawing air into your lungs.

Of course, if you prefer a cooler hit or want less cleaning for other reasons, some users simply use an old glass of ice water with their tube when smoking herb or tobacco. No matter what style you prefer—bong or bubbler—it's important not to overpack them; packed too tightly leaves little room for airflow and limits filtration effects.

Bubbler Bongs

A bubbler, also known as a water pipe, is a filtered smoking device that adds fresh air to your session by way of water. Bubblers can be crafted out of almost any material—wood, glass, plastic—and come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Some are hand-blown art pieces; others might be a little more functional in design.

Bubblers tend to be small so they’re easy to clean and put away. Depending on their size, they often make for an easier smoking experience than regular-sized bongs or pipes (read: less coughing!). And if you don’t have strong lungs or endurance, most bubblers offer a much smoother hit because they use filtration.

Because you add the cool water with every hit, it makes it more difficult to take large hits. That means it's usually a safer choice for beginners who may not have learned how to control themselves just yet! If you want something with just a touch of coolness but aren't really into using water for whatever reason, look into chillums, which act similarly but without all that liquid around.

Faberge Bong

The Faberge style bong was made famous during a recent episode of the popular TV show 'The Office'. In it, salesman Dwight Schrute brings a supposedly worthless piece of art back to his office.

When he accidentally drops it, he discovers that his new art is actually a one-of-kind water pipe. Of course, Dwight uses an old camcorder tape and packing material for an improvised bowl.

While the real thing might not look like a Faberge egg and cost as much as a sports car, you can still bring home some quality weed without spending too much cash - just search eBay or Craigslist for your perfect piece.

After all, smoking from your favorite video game character's head is much cooler than just using a regular cheap glass one. Don't forget to buy an ashtray either; otherwise, you'll end up being VERY unpopular with any carpeted roommates! Style bongs can range in size but normally they have 3-6 inches in height and make hit nice smooth rips. It's highly recommended that you use very small nugs due to their smaller size.

Small strains are best used in these types of bongs because when packed full they don't have enough room left over for smoke to expand inside due to a lack of chamber space.

Recycler Bong

A Recycler water pipe has two chambers. The upper chamber is filled with water and acts as a filter, cooling down and humidifying your smoke. Smoke travels from a bowl at the bottom of your downstem into your lower chamber, then into your upper chamber where it travels upward through some sort of tree percolator before heading back down to your mouthpiece.

A Recycler's main advantage is that it filters smoke twice for extra smoothness. If you're new to smoking or aren't really interested in bells and whistles, Recyclers are one of our most popular styles because they perform well without requiring any additional attachments or gizmos.

Best functions of Bong

A bong is a filtration device that is commonly used for smoking cannabis, tobacco, and other herbal substances. Bongs use gravity to draw the smoke into a water chamber where it can be cooled by bubbling through water.

The name comes from an older English term for a large cylindrical pipe and was extended to refer to pipes used in India and China as early as 1600 AD (where they were called Bambu). In recent years, they have also been used with herbs and spices other than cannabis. There are various styles of water pipe such as Zong bongs, chillums, scientific glassware, and hand-blown heady glass.

Each of these has its own unique purpose which we’ll go over below. You may find many shops online where you can purchase your very own glass piece or even your very own seed pack to get growing! One downside however is that I wouldn’t recommend taking one out on a plane as you do with normal luggage unless you’re 100% sure about checking it because anything under 8 inches will generally not set off any sort of red flags for security personnel looking at x-ray scans.

Styles based on material


There are three main types of bong materials: Glass, Acrylic, and Silicone.

Glass is the most popular type of bong because it offers a clean taste, doesn’t absorb smells, and can be easily cleaned. You can find hand-blown glass bongs that are works of art, but they can be expensive. Acrylic is a less expensive option, but it can’t be cleaned as easily and may start to smell after a while. Silicone is the most affordable option and is easy to clean, but some people don’t like the taste of silicone-coated smoke.

Styles based on use

There are three main types of bongs based on their use: Dry Bong, Mini Bong, and Water Bong.

Dry Bongs are small and easy to transport, making them a popular choice for people who like to smoke on the go. They’re also affordable, which makes them a great option for beginners. Mini Bongs are larger than Dry Bongs but still portable, and they offer a greater smoking experience than a Dry Bong. Water Bongs are the most popular type of bong, and they come in a variety of sizes and styles. They offer the smoothest smoking experience, and they’re easy to clean.

Styles based on function

There are three main types of bongs based on their function: Recycler Bong, Multi-Chamber Bong, and Percolator Bong.

Recycler Bongs have two chambers, and the smoke is filtered through the water in both chambers for a smoother smoking experience. Multi-Chamber Bongs have multiple chambers, and the smoke is filtered through each chamber for a smoother smoking experience. Percolator Bongs have a percolator, which is a device that filters the smoke through water for a smoother smoking experience.

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