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Understand the different Glass Bowl

11 Jun 2023

As today there is many people are confuse the bowls, banger, carb, enail, or whats sort the accessories they calls, they may be expert on how to use the tool, but did they use it with the right equipment parts ? that is the question.

first we have to identify the bowls.

this is call a glass slide bowl or funnel bowl, it have straight opens from top to button,slim neck, they come with many different color and designer,  most the time its for dry herb use,  you fill it with dry herb on the top open and light it up, this funnel bowl  will not work with hash or oil .

this straight ceramic tube is call Nail, they are two different nails in bong smoking,

one is white color at least  most the time it is white color made from ceramic ,shape just like straight tube two open ends,one slightly bigger then other,  they are for hash or oil smoking, they do not work with dry herb, because there isn't a place to load dry herbs. just simple cannot holds. the function normally are you heating up the ceramic and the ceramic tips will burn the hash/oil for you to inhale it.

this is glass nail, it only can use with the right glass dome bowl, there is mini bowl on the top nail you can load very tiny oil in there, it will not work with dry herb.  they do come in different colors, but only one shape otherwise it will not fit inside the bowl..
this is another glass bowl, non like that other one with straight opens top button,
this one do come with female/male joints, and different color or shapes,  its for dry herb use only. compare this bowl to the first slide bowl it may load more herb to use one time, for dry herb this is excellence choice.
this is glass dome bowl, you can put in on a bong pipe and insert the glass nail inside this dome bowl to use it together. you cannot use this item by it self, it requires a glass nail to use. difficult to use,after each use you have to remove the small nail inside, to reload it again, and because it require two piece to work together, the nail are often get loss in time. ( I lost a lot of the glass nail)

This is a glass banger, most the time they are made with quartz, L shape or U shape, much easier and its upgrade version of the nail bowl, for this you may load oil into the flat bowl and light it, very easy to use,and most popular bowl now days. they are expensive, they come in different color and shapes, 45 degree or 90 degree turns,

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