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The Major types of vaporizers

11 Jun 2023

There are lots of different types of vaporizers with new ones being created regularly.

Generally they can be divided into 3 main varieties based on their functions.

  1. Dry herb vapes- these are designed to heat up and vaporize the particles in ground up dry cannabis. With in this group there are sub groups-
  • Desktop- these are larger vapes often plugged into a mains electric supply and either come with a whip system, where you inhale as much as you like through a tube and mouthpiece, or a balloon system where the vapor is fed into a large bag and you inhale it from a mouthpiece attached to the bag.
  • Portable- these are usually battery powered, easy to carry and the vapor can be inhaled directly from a mouthpiece.
  • Vape pen- a very small pen like dry herb vape like the well known grasshopper.
  • Other differences in the category are between conduction, where the heat is applied directly to the herb via a conductive plate, or convection where the air or medium around the herb is heated so there is minimal charging of the herb. There are also both electric and butane powered vapes.

2. E-liquid vapes

  • Mods- these are large vapes with longer life batteries and many have been designed to give more temperature control and functionality. They are hand held and portable but larger and less discrete than pen vapes.
  • Pen vapes- these are discreet vapes shaped like fat pens. They consist of a battery, a small tank, atomizer and a mouthpiece. You can either top up the tank or but single use cartridges.
  • E-cigarettes- these are narrower and more lightweight than pen vapes. They are sometimes styled to resemble cigarettes.

3. Wax and concentrate vapes- this can be known as dabbing and is known to be very potent.

  • Dab pens- these are portable vapes that look very similar to portable dry herb vapes. Some are even designed to do both dry herb and wax or concentrates.
  • Enail bubbler- this is a partially portable dab rig that can be used without a torch.

but there also those options :

  • High power, and I mean HIGH, the minimum competitive chasers use is in excess of 30W these days.
  • Multiple coils in the atomiser, with a high volume of air through it. Usually the atomiser's final resistance will be around 0.5 Ohm, which is considered to be the optimum point for this.
  • A high VG (Vegetable Glycerine) e-liquid as PG juices do not have quite such a good performance. 100% VG is best (doesn't taste all that great though).


Now days there alot Cloud chasings. so the bigger the cloud, the more popular the vapes.

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