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THC or CBD for Pain relief ?

11 Jun 2023

First of all, it’s important to understand how exactly does CBD works for pain, before deciding on a specific form of a substance and whether to combine it with THC or not.

According to the U.S. Department Of Health & Human Services (HHS), “the therapeutic potential of cannabinoids has been the topic of extensive investigation following the discovery of cannabinoid receptors and their endogenous ligands which are present at supraspinal, spinal and peripheral levels.

It depends on a couple of things really. Most people here are saying CBD, but it depends on how severe the pain is. I don’t think CBD on its own is going to be enough for some stronger pain conditions. CBD is great for mild pain relief, and if you take enough of it it’s going to be even more effective. However, it’s rare that it will remove the pain completely. This is where THC will step in, as it will make you feel better about having the pain. Not only this, but any additional pain and will be further helped by the painkilling nature of THC.


I would say definitely a combination of both. Not only for the reasons that I mentioned above, but also thanks to the spectrum effect. The entourage effect is when something works better when it’s combined with other things, and not just on its own. Weed definitely applies this, and if you can find the right combination of THC and CBD for you, you could probably eliminate your pain altogether.

Unfortunately, THC is not available everywhere in the world. That is where CBD flower steps in. CBD flower is becoming more popular across Europe from what I’ve seen, and is basically a famous strain of cannabis (let’s take Girl Scout Cookies as an example) and the CBD flower will be pretty much the same as a normal GSC strain, but simply without over a certain % of THC inside it. If you’re wanting pain relief in a country where cannabis is illegal, or at least where THC is illegal, then you should find some of this CBD flower if possible. You can then use this CBD flower to make concentrates and or edibles, which are much more potent versions of the original. This means you can get the painkilling effects of both THC and CBD, with a very good ratio of CBD to THC, legally and relatively cheaply.

Tweedle Farms is an example of a company which make CBD buds. You can see there’s a slight difference in colour and the way these buds feel, so you can normally tell when you’re buying CBD buds.

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