Differences between Bats, Dugouts, and Chillums

Bat also calls onehitter,1hitter,  onebat, its a straight tube made a slender tobacco pipe with screend narrow bowl designed on the end. can be referred to as a one-hitter as well. pretty simple design. comes in wood, glass, metal etc. the reason why it have One mostly the pipe is single inhalation only, this is how it different then a chillum pipe, a chillum pipe is straight tube, you can fill it with more things to use. it very small tobacco pipe, most time Bat always come with dugout together for use it.

Dugout, basicly is just a storage for keep your bat ( onehitter) and your tobacco, some people call it dugout pipe, that is wrong, you cannot smoke out of dugout, most dugout have built in spring, you can load your bat in the small holes, and when you turn the top,the bat will pop out,Most the dugout are made of wood, there some alumium, they are about 4 inch tall, and very easy to carry,

Chillum pipes are conical pipe with end-to-end channel with a bowl face front, not face top, and they are an age old tool used traditionally for spiritual smoking sessions. most time the chillum pipe made from stone, according to studies people staring using chillim pipe since mid-1960 and it was spread to the world  from india, most people confuse with chillum pipe and Bat, Bat mostly fits dugout and use it with dugout togther, and Chillum are made from stone or glass,do not need a dugout to use,


You look the bowl, it have much more room compare to the onehitter or bat, the narrow end are the area which you inhale it, the long body may fits  more tobacco, for multiple hits,




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