• Are Chinese Glass Bongs really Bad ?

    A homemade American genius glass bong may cost you over hundreds, but Chinese made Glass are only partial of that price, what are the differences, material ? are their glass really toxic like other says ? ,A glass bong, often known as a water pipe, is a countertop gadget that provides a finer smokey flavor. A water compartment in a bong screens the smoke,...
  • Compare glass Bong and silicone bong?

    Making the most out of your bong is one of the best feelings for every smoker. No one will be happy with a bong that doesn’t give the great feeling and satisfaction it is meant for. However, choosing a bong is totally personal as it has a lot to do with your style, your environment and your budget. This is because literally every bong...
  • Bong SMoking quiting Tips

    Bongs are considered to be less harmful than other smoking substances as carcinogens are filtered while passing through water. But this is just a word of mouth, as all smoking agents are hazardous for health. Bongs are water pipes, burnt cannabis is filtered in water and you see water turning dusty black. The smoke rises from pipe and reaches to your mouth, throat, windpipe...
  • The difference between Smoking a bubbler and a bong

    As you fall in love with smokes and cannabis, you will always want to take and adventure and explore other ways of enjoy your smoke. The good news is that manufacturers and technology are aware of this fact and so, they will not disappoint you. You are sure to always get more fun ways of enjoying your smoking and making more out of your...
  • How to smoke the perfect dabs

    1) What is dabbing? Although dapping is popular among stoners, it is important that we still talk about it for those who have little or no idea about it. Dab refers to a type of cannabis which has been processed to contain high level concentration. Most dabs concentration contains as high as 80% - 90% THC/CBD, this is in contrast to regular cannabis which...
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