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Are vaping better then Cigarette ?

25 Sep 2022

I'm sure Lot people find that vaping are far more enjoyable than smoke a cigarette , especially towards passe the middle age people ,that smoking career when the effects of smoking were starting to seriously affect my health.

as today there is not a single solution to vaping and finding something that is very enjoyable can be difficult for quite some people. people are all different, and different aspects of smoking seem to be very important for each individuals .

Most people who smokes who want to transition to vaping are usually better off trying simple mouth to lung devices with tobacco flavours and high nicotine at first  that deliver nicotine efficiently. This is because it will mostly mimic the mechanics and sensation (throat hit) of smoking. After they have ceased smoking and gotten used to vaping (variable times from hours to months) people will usually want any flavours BUT tobacco flavours. At that point they may find they need more or less throat hit, more vapour, easier draw for direct lung vaping, and possibly more powerful devices.

During the process of light up and burning tobacco, it will release so many over  thousands of chemical substances, of which more than 20 carcinogens, including Arsenic, Benzene, Cadmium, Carbon Monoxide, Ethylene oxide, Formaldehyde, Lead, Nickel, Nicotine, and Nitrosamines. When people smoke cigarettes, nicotine and other chemicals will enter their lungs. These substances enter the blood and then quickly enter the brain.

most the time you vape is plant based and you are not burning it and therefore you are not getting any other chemicals other than common chemicals that are proven to have no risks of harm to the body. By no risk ,they do have some chemical built in the oil.

If you use nicotine like the few people then you are only inhaling the aerosol form which means that it comes with no other nastiest. Nicotine is not a dangerous drug but is in fact a stimulant which has it’s benefits and is no more addictive than caffeine.

The best vape shops will understand all this and will try to find what will work best for a particular person, and give them good advice to find something that works and do it safely. The worst vape shops will just try to sell them some complex high power device that makes which may NOT be what they actually want or need, and in the case of mechanical or complex devices may not be suitable for that person’s level of expertise.

Basically, there are *many* variables that contribute to the vaping experience. Lack of satisfaction is usually more to do with not understanding this, not having the right kind of help, and continuing with something that is not satisfying because they think that is all that vaping is.

There’s also the fact that some people simply will not want to quit smoking immediately. Unless they are committed to switching or at least are open to the possibilities they may not be able to accept the inevitable differences between to the two things.


first the feels, a vape in your mouth vs cigarette in your mouth.  for me I would prefer cigarette, its looking much cool in image.


also the counts, when you smoking vapes, you have no idea how many vape you taking  during a day, but when you smoking cigarette, you know one pack a day or two pack a day, oh today i smoke too many,  in your subconsciousness you will eventually  try to reduce that number.


third, many said the vaping is plant base, that is not entirely true. most the vape gas  add the flavor and nicotine they are chemicals .


so over all by switching to vape, you are inhale more chemicals, and vaping are much worse then cigarette smoker. ,


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