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Why Did you start smoking ?

15 Oct 2022

for many people, when you go growing up you already been told many people. smoking are bad for your lung, but still you choose to smoking,

Why did you start smoking ?according to studies, the most popular reason are life change events,  divorced, someone close to you passed away.  or you pal want you to try something cool. 

"I started smoking at 17. Well, not really. I had my first cigarettes when I was 12. I was caught by my parents and forced to sit and smoke one after another until I got sick. I don't know what their plan was though I think they imagined this would turn me off smoking. Idiots. I kept smoking of course, having had a lot of practice.

I got caught again, of course, only this time my father was there and had been drinking. He was furious, and always a tyrant. He beat me to bloody hell and back; ruptured my spleen he did, and I landed in the hospital having emergency surgery. I grew up with that ugly abdominal scar straight up my belly. I've had a few black eyes too"

a interview for cigarette smoker,

at age 15-16 my friends did it, it made me look cool (so I thought at the time), and I was curious as to how it would make me feel. I was too chicken to try anything harder (eventually I tried weed, but it made me feel too outside of myself) so I thought I'd stick with the low-grade stuff like smoking and drinking and see how I did. And I didn't grasp at the time just how addictive tobacco could be. It was the mid-80’s, before the tide began to decisively turn against the smoking culture.

It took a couple years, but my smoking eventually became a habit, and one that I truthfully enjoyed for the next fourteen years of my life. I came to enjoy the calming and comforting effect a cigarette had after a good meal, a hard day at work, while hanging with my friends, etc. I did drink from time to time, but (other than a few ill-advised party binges in my high school youth) mostly in moderation. I was actually proud that this was one of my few vices, in a time period where too many of my peers were indulging in hard core drugs and paying hard core consequences for their choices.

"My Mom’s a heavy smoker and we were close, and still are. I was her youngest kid and the only one who didn’t give her crap for her smoking. My Mom and her sister are proud to be the first ever smokers in our entire family. She started when she was 9 and my aunt was 10, in 1963. They asked their parents if they could spend their allowance on cigarettes and make smoking a lifelong bad habit if they promised to only smoke in their bedroom. My grandparents gave them permission and started buying them Salems, and my Mom and Aunt Helen took-up heavy smoking."

base on those three reason, most the smoker start young age,

so parenting are extremely important to care for you children, not to smoke,

smoking may cause alot seriously illness, quit if you can,

quit smoke is not easy but not hard too, all you have to focus is well power.

I want to make change on my life.

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