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How to clean your bubbler Pipe

11 Jun 2023

A Glass bubbler pipe not like spoon or bong, they are bit tricky to clean.I mean once while you have to stop use it and clean it right, other wise the left over residue slow build up in time will mess up your inhale relaxation or happy moment right? because the breathing you inhale in is mix with new or old chemicals. 

the residue built up almost may contains a lot  of bacteria or gems, that will harm you health, smoke harms but that harm more,  Here I'm going to teach you how to gently clean your glass bubble pipe with minimize supplies.


You can’t clean your pipe without the proper supplies. please make sure you have those supplies in hand before you start doing it, those are easy to find in the kitchen or bathroom, or you could just DIY make it. they are fairly easy to make or find.

  • Isopropyl Alcohol (70% or 99%)  you can find this in kitchen or bathroom,  or just go to your workplace or any restroom janitorial room to get it, 
  • Narrow brush  - you can find any use toothbrush or secretly use your gf or bf ,everybody has it.
  • Course rock salt - its just salt, grab it from kitchen or, get some seawater and boil it.
  • Pipe cleaners - anything like chostick will do
  • Plugs or stoppers , a use anal plug will do fine. of couse you may want to wrap it with tower something,

First,  Put your pipe in the resealable water container or big meat bowl with the cleaning solution.( and hand soap or any left over covid spary will do )
Shake out the bowl to remove any remaining flower or ash that can be quickly cleared away. From there, place the pipe in there, and make sure fill up all the water and let it sitting for a few mins, let all the residues built inside complete wet.

Second : Add a little salt to the mixture maybe a teaspoon, if you don have that,its fine it wont matter, salt wont break the pipe,
Sure, Pour the alcohol in slowly through the top of the pipe. A good rule of thumb is to fill the pipe to roughly the same level as the water line. add a coupele salt or seawater with alcohol.

  • Isopropyl alcohols with a higher purity (between 91-99% is ideal) the higher number the better, but stay away from Lighter and Fire
  • Salt that comes in large, coarse pieces won’t dissolve as quickly when immersed in liquid, making it more effective as an abrasive.

Third : Let the pipe soak overnight for approximately 8 to 12 hours.
This step is easy but it’s also essential. The combination of salt and cleaning solution needs time to soak, not unlike the dishes you let soak in the sink, put the big meat bowl somewhere safe, no kid can touch it, for about 8 to 12 hours. 

whenever you’re too lazy to scrub them clean. Allow the solution to soak for at least 12 hours, which is why we recommend doing so overnight.

Four : shake it , stir it as much as possible
 Place your finger over the openings of the pipe while you shake. As the solution sloshes through the pipe, the alcohol will kill any bacteria present and sterilize the walls of the inner chamber while the salt flakes scour stains and residue from the glass

  • you can use that anal plug to stop the water from leaking,
  • For especially dirty pipes, leave the solution to soak for about half an hour before you begin shaking.

Five:  Wash the bubbler pipe  under hot water.
Turn the pipe under the stream as you rinse and let the water run through the top and out the opening for the stem. This will help flush out loose particles and wash away residue that hasn’t yet had time to fully set up on the walls of the pipe.

  • Hot water will help further loosen gunk and grime.
  • Glass pipes will be slippery when wet, so be careful not to drop and brken them.

Six : let the sun dry it,
Leave your pipe in a dry place somewhere have sun shinning  to evaporate any remaining water. preferable you can do it at middle the day.  This shouldn’t take long but it’s essential if you don’t want your weed to get wet or worse, clog up the system again. once its drop ,exam it make sure its clean have that little spark when you shin it with light. if still dirty please repeat those few step again.

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