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Compare glass Bong and silicone bong?

19 Feb 2022

Making the most out of your bong is one of the best feelings for every smoker. No one will be happy with a bong that doesn’t give the great feeling and satisfaction it is meant for. However, choosing a bong is totally personal as it has a lot to do with your style, your environment and your budget. This is because literally every bong could do the basic job of giving you some good smoke.

There are many types of bong which include; ceramics bong, acrylic or plastic bong, glass bong and the silicon bong. But in this article, we are going to be concentrating of the glass bong and the silicon bong. We will explore their uses and benefits and then talk about their difference.

Silicon bong

This is silicon made bong; it is one of the best types of bong around. It is loved by many smokers because of its foldable nature which makes it easy to carry around and travel with. A silicon bong has all the parts of a bong; the chamber, the mouthpiece, the bowl and all the only difference is that it is not that bulky and heavy because of the material it is made of.

Advantages of a silicon bong

There is always a reason why people will prefer a particular product to another. There is always uniqueness in every product that makes it stand out from others and that is always its advertising power. For a silicon bong, here are some of its advantages:

  1. Travel friendly: because of the material it is made with, silicon bong can be carried around without breaking or having any crack. It is easily foldable and it will also serve you perfectly once you are ready to use it. With this feature of silicon bong, you also do not need to worry about how to get a bong when you travel because you can just pack it up in your bag as you travel.
  2. Long lasting: silicon bongs are usually considered indestructible by users because of its material. In a situation where it falls off your hand as you are enjoying your smoke, you may not have to worry so much because it is not going to break. Also, if you are smoking in group, you may not need to monitor if others are handling the bong properly because it is just easy to use and a slip will not destroy the bong.
  3. Easy to clean: there is always the issue of having some stain become permanent on your device, this is not the case with silicon bong because you could easily twist the bong to the right direction and get it properly cleaned before it becomes a dent. Also, wiping the dirt away do not need much scrubbing because the slick nature of the material.

Glass bong

A glass bong is simply a bong made of glass material. There are usually no additional features or parts to a glass bong. Basically, you can find every part of a glass bong in every other type of bong. Glass bongs are made of either a normal glass or a borosilicate glass but the most popular type of glass bong the borosilicate glass bong.

Borosilicate glasses are made out of boron trioxide and silica. This type of bong is made of borosilicate glass which helps to regulate the bong temperature and makes it difficult to break easily from expansion or centration from the heat.

Advantages of a glass bong

The glass bong has become most popular type of bong in the recent years. Smokers usually go for the glass bong especially the borosilicate glass bong and this is why:

  1. Durability: one of the things you do not want as a bong lover is to have it easily damages by just a slip or wear and tear. The borosilicate glass bongs is very durable and you can expect it to last for quite a long time. However, you have to be careful while handling it, there is no guarantee to how long it can last.
  2. Resistant to Corrosion: you won’t want to be smoking some other chemical (rust) substance along with your cannabis. Borosilicate glass bong is resistant to corrosion which means you do not have to worry about your bong been damaged by corrosion over time.
  3. Thermal Shock Resistance: have you ever been in a situation where your bong breaks just as you are about to take a hit? Well, don’t think it too hard, it is the thermal shock. If you are a regular bong user, then you will know that it happens all the time. Wait! Let’s not be misled, it is the thermal shock that happens nearly all the time not the breaking of the bong because with the borosilicate glass bongs, you will not have your bong broken during a thermal shock because it is resistant to it. Once there is a vibration in bong as it is while taking a hit, there is every tendency of a thermal shock. If you use borosilicate glass bongs, then you may not have experienced this at all.
  4. Strength: because of the combination of boron trioxide and silica, Borosilicate glass bongs are not like the regular glass, they are actually stronger and you can feel the thickness by just holding it.
  5. Extreme Temperature Resistance: during hit, you may not be able to regulate the temperature of the bong all the time. This temperature has a direct contact with your bong and can cause a crack when it is high. You may frequently have this experience when you use bongs made of the regular glass but with the borosilicate glass bongs, you may not have to experience such. This is because the borosilicate glass is thicker and because of its component, it is able to withstand extreme temperature to a reasonable extent.
  6. Extreme Optical Clarity: you do not need to strain your eyes to see what you have in a borosilicate glass bong because you always have a clear view from every angle.

Differences between a silicon bong and a glass bong

If you are having a hard time choosing a bong between this two types of bong, here are some of their differences which will help you determine which is best for you.

  1. Material: the first difference between the two bongs is the material. A silicon bong is made from silicon material which not usually solid in nature. It is plastic like but doesn’t break like a plastic. A glass bong on the other hand is made of glass and are more solid than a silicon bong but yet very fragile as it could easily break if it slips.
  2. Durability: glass bongs are usually built to withstand a thermal shock which happens as a vibration in the bong when taking a hit. Silicon bongs are not built with this resistance. A silicon bong may easily be affected by a thermal shock but it doesn’t always destroy the bong because the silicon material expands and contracts with the vibration when it happens.
  3. Style: if you are looking for something stylish and fashionable, then you will have to go for a glass bong. Most glass bong comes with classic designs that you will be happy to place even as a deco in your home. A silicon bong may not be styled in much fashion only that it can come in different colors. Nevertheless, they look nice in their designs.
  4. Price: when going for a bong, you always have to consider your budget. A glass bong is usually more expensive. Its price ranges from $35 to $320 in some stores depending on the size and design. The price may actually go higher for some other exquisite designs. A silicon bong on the other hand may not cost that much. They are relatively cheaper as you can get a price range of $20 to $95.

Like you already know, choosing a bong is an individual decision because you need to consider some personal factors like your budget, your environment and how long you will like to keep a particular bong. When you have assessed these factors, you can make the best decision in choosing a bong.


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